We take our responsibility seriously

Responsible action is an integral part of our corporate culture. Our sustainability strategy is based on
six building blocks:

  • Health and safety
  • Continuity and reliability
  • Performance and quality
  • Responsibility towards customers and employees
  • Social responsibility 
  • Environmental protection


Building a responsible future
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You find our code of ethics here. download PDF code of ethics

Our commitment to environmental protection

In the area of waste management, we have been developing an innovative model for many years, together with our partners on the mountain, which helps us to reduce the amount of waste and, above all, to separate and dispose of it according to the applicable criteria.
In 2021, we built a garbage collection container for our operations that can be easily mounted on the slope equipment instead of the snow shovel. The garbage is pressed and transported away. In addition, own goods transport boxes were developed, to bring the required products up the mountain in summer and winter by cable car instead of by truck.
We see the connecting of the Ried detachable gondola ropeway to the public railway network and the founding of Kronplatz Mobility AG as an important contribution to our environment.

Our social responsibility

As a successful group of companies, we not only bear responsibility for our employees, but also a social responsibility towards society and the people in our region.
For many years, we have been supporting the Bruneck Ski Club, the HC Pustertal Wölfe ice hockey team and the Pustertal Golf Club.

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